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2.5 Features This category contains a list of feature requests that have been selected for implementation for the SGPro 2.5 release. 2.4.X Features This category contains a list of feature requests that have been selected for implementation for a future SGPro 2.4 maintenance release. This means that features in this category will be released after SGPro 2.4.0, but before 2.5.0. We will do our best to be specific. 2.5.X Features This category contains features that we intend to implement in an SGPro release during the life-cycle of 2.5. The initial set of features that will be released with 2.5 are here: The features here will be released incrementally starting with 2.5.1. Bugs This category holds a list of known bugs in SGPro. Users may not post here, but they can check on the status of reported bugs. 2.5.2 Features Accepted feature requests that will eventually make their way into the 2.5.2 beta. Weekly Tips Welcome to the weekly tips forum category! Here you will find a collection of SGPro tips. Most will be of the structure: “Did you know?” and then tell you something that will blow your mind. Accepted Unplanned This category shows feature requests that we would like to implement, but have no planned release. Typically, we will pull features from this list and place them into release specific categories as we get closer to implementation. Feature Requests Use this category to request new features for Sequence Generator Pro. Please Try to ensure that each request has its own topic (no piggybacking please). SBIG Guiders Use this category to describe any issues you are having using integrated SBIG auto guiders with SGPro Equipment Compatibility Use this category to post comments or report issues about equipment compatibility with Sequence Generator Pro. Plate Solving Use this category to post comments or report issues about the Plate Solving within Sequence Generator Pro. Request Archive This category holds features, that for some reason, we have decided not to implement. We will do our best to explain our reasoning one time, but typically, we will no engage in debate. SGPro Support Hi folks, Sequencing Use this category to post comments or report issues about general sequencing within Sequence Generator Pro. Auto Focus Use this category to talk about issues or general tips related to the SGPro auto focus system.
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SGP Tutorial videos (Youtube)

A few years ago I made a series of tutorial videos on SGP. SGP has moved on from then and I am going through these and updating (now using Youtube for convenience). They will be useful to new users. Overview: https://…

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