Sequence Generator   2.5.X Features

About the 2.5.X Features category (1)
Optimal PHD calibration at start up or after camera rotation (12)
Flats Calibration Wizard (8)
32 bit fits (1)
Add option to auto guide during ALL plate solve frames (1)
Fits header update after plate solving (1)
More control over taking flats (5)
Defining default (template) event lists (3)
Better focus info to handle backlash compensation (2)
Sequence Window -- resizable / dockable (8)
Target Settings List/Editor (4)
Stop guiding if there is a pause between targets (1)
Stop tracking between events when time gap exists between targets (6)
Save as mono fits enhancement (2)
Satellite streak during Auto Focus Run (6)
Request aperture and secobs in fits header. get from ascom if possible (3)