Sequence Generator   Feature Requests

New option for well aligned mounts (5)
SGP and FocusLock Connection ( 2 ) (29)
Apply all button for sequence settings (4)
Directory settings (7)
SGP Restart after Abort (3)
Auto Exposure (8)
Modify "Planning Tools" for enhanced scheduling capability (1)
Power control at beginning and end of sequence (16)
I Would pay good money for (4)
Focus based on guide star proflie (6)
CSV Input Targets (1)
Night Mode or Dark Theme (8)
Better Histogram Display (1)
Oops I did it again! (1)
ZWO Native Driver: Save selected camera (3)
Show next "action" (2)
SGP for Collimation (8)
GET ra and dec from mount? in target settings? (7)
Recalibrate Auto Guider after Meridian Flip (1)
Setting of "settings"... - ease-of-use (2)
Resume Logic Changes (5)
List of suitable stars to focus (3)
Dimmer for the interface background? (1)
Enable anti-dew heater with ZWO native driver (4)
Pegasus Ultimate Power Box Support (ASCOM SWITCHES) (8)
Set "last autofocus time" to the time that the autofocus routine finished (2)
Polar alignment capability based on SharpCap ( 2 ) (34)
Method for determining filter offsets ( 2 ) (27)
MGEN support for dithering (2)
Sequence Gain Setting (feature?) (19)