Sequence Generator   Feature Requests

Asynchronous image analysis after frame download (for efficiency) (8)
Use target coordinates for auto-center after pier flip (10)
Sky Flats. (Yes Again, Again) ( 2 ) (37)
Method for limiting largest star size (4)
Autofocus target? (3)
We're gonna need a bigger dither (18)
SkyGuide V3 Interface (3)
Debayer function to convert the monochrome FITS to color, and then a color adjust or color balance function (9)
Bug?: Solve and Sync button won't to EQMOD but "Center on Target" works (8)
Zooming around actual mouse position in frame (3)
Once again. Dual Cameras? ( 2 ) (30)
Single-line autofocus summary in SGP log file (4)
ADD a maximum time for file download from the camera to alert in case of hanged download (4)
Run frame analysis in parallel to start of next frame (1)
Feature Request: Initial Setup Wizard (13)
Automatic Equipment Connect and Unpark (2)
Can we get two buttons on the end of sequence dialog? (1)
Controlling two focusers in one session (4)
Bulk 'Mark image as bad' in Image history (10)
Any plans to support FocusMax in the near future? (18)
SGPro+AAG Cloudwatcher (Safety option) ( 2 3 ) (42)
Environment device (19)
Pause guiding option for individual event (1)
Enhancing focuser management (6)
SGP Planetarium Software Integration (11)
LesveDome Switches (5)
Add Lowest SGP2 Star Mass to File Name Key, restart the current frame & option for park telescope (1)
SBIG AO support (5)
Autofocus routine based on temp (1)
Advanced Scheduling (12)