sequence did not stop at sequence end time


I had my sequence end time set to 5:50AM.
When I checked in on the system at around 5:57 AM I saw that it was still running.

Log: http://adgsoftware.com/misc/sg_logfile_20160113220928.zip

At 6:00 AM my fail-safe script ran and took over and shut everything down so at 6am you’ll see all kinds of errors in the log as the script shut everything down. I’m not concerned about those errors, just why SGP did not stop at 5:50AM.



OK… a couple things went wrong here:

  • We were not adding exposure time to the end sequence time limit. This means your next exposure snuck in because it was before 05:50 when it started. In actuality, we should have been checking if now + exposure time was past your end time. This is implemented properly for targets, but was not for the sequence end time. It has been corrected.
  • You exposed an issue where we did not check end times during the settling process (for some, this can take a while). This has been corrected. Now, if an end time has passed during settling, both settling and the subsequent exposure will be aborted. Your logs show some pretty healthy settling times near the end of the sequence…


Thanks, Ken. Looking forward to getting the fixes. In the meantime I will use the target end time as a workaround for the first issue.

yeah, wispy clouds had moved in in the morning while I was asleep and the guider was in a state where it was not completely losing the guide star but was having trouble settling.