- rotator "lockup" in centering dialog


i’m trying out the beta - thanks for fixing those issues.

unfortunately i’m seeing some issue with the centering dialog hanging forever on setting the rotator angle. to be fair i saw this on 2.5.1 as well, i just forgot to report it. the problem is that it seems to be waiting forever for the rotator move to finish. just now it was hung like that - i had asked for an angle of 0.0 degrees and the initial solve indicated that the rotator needed to move from 5.5 degrees to 0 degrees.

when i looked at the equipment control panel’s “other” tab, it was showing a rotator angle of 360.0 degrees. so i guess this means that the move was successful but for some reason the angle was reported as 360 instead of 0. (this is using @Andy 's optec ASCOM driver) for kicks i clicked one of the arrows to nudge the rotator by 1 degree, and suddenly the centering dialog woke up and moved to the validation phase. i’ll post logs when the auto focus finishes. hopefully there is a rotator log as well.


edit: i guess it will have to wait tll the morning as 7zip is not happy that the log files are currently open.


ok here are the logs. this occurred on the very first image taken in the sequence.




@pfile OK.

I see you used an angle of 1 in other areas. That seemed to work OK it looks like. I’m not 100% certain, but it seems like the only bug here is 0 / 360 confusion right? Or have I missed something in your report?


sorry - yeah i set the next target to 1 degree just in case there was some repeatable bug when using an angle of 0 degrees. that target was going to fire off while i was asleep so i wanted to do whatever i could to make sure it started up OK.


OK… while the ASCOM docs state 360 is not a valid position, I have added code to normalize that position just in case it is returned by a device anyhow (The driver @Andy wrote does not appear to be doing this… just a general comment). Furthermore, I believe I corrected the issue that was blocking your sequence and not allowing that position to be “in tolerance”.

It will be in the next 2.5.2 beta.


cool! so are you saying that the 360 thing was just a display bug? the equipment rotator page showed 360…



No… it’s a real bug that could cause range validation to fail.