2.5 Beta - RPC Server is unavailable Error message


Hi Guys,
For replicating this situation I only connected the ASCOM observing conditions Hub using BlueAstro WeatherStick and the OpenWeather API and no other equipment. This is true for versions and

  1. Connect to the ASCOM observing hub via the sequence box.
  2. Bring forward the ASCOM Observing Conditions Hub window that is in the background and push shutdown button.
  3. The connection button is still shown as green but press the configure button.
  4. The following exception diag box is displayed "RPC server is unavailable (Exception from HRESULT:0x800706BA)

In order to resolve this I had to press disconnect on the still green connection button. Please find my SGPro session log attached but this should be an easy one to resolve.

sg_logfile_20160109171809.txt (54.9 KB)


Shutting down the hub directly is a bit like cutting off the branch you are sitting on. All the communication with the hub has gone. SGP doesn’t really have any alternative other than to report an error.

The easiest way to resolve this is not to shut down the hub when things are connected to it.



I absolutely understand that I induced this “issue”. I was only wondering if it could be handled by SGPro, if it can’t then it can’t and so be it.

BTW - I just want to say thank you to the ASCOM team and the new observing conditions hub is a fantastic step forward.


This isn’t the sort of thing that SGP can be expected to cope with so it hasn’t really got any option other than throw out an error message of some sort.

Replacing an error message with another one or, worse, trying to carry on as if nothing has happened is known as the error hiding antipattern.