2.5 minor spelling


Couldn’t be more minor but thought I’d report-- approaching freezing warning misspelled “approaching” … also, tooltip for Environmental Data has default ‘toolStripButton3’ mouseover label.

I believe you mentioned pop ups are intentionally more present during the beta, but so far, not a fan of them since most of the time I’m not interactively logged in (obviously this is what notifications are for). Auto-dismiss perhaps? This might not be a great suggestion but have you thought of an ‘events’/‘messages’ dockable panel that could aggregate warning/error messages across the program? Was thinking of data/time, message, and then action (notification sent) as possible fields. Unless you’re logged in and see the pop up when it happens, it’s hard to know how relevant it is.

Another idea is to make a message dialog one of the notification options – that way, the use can configure what to see in a dialog.


Pop up warnings are in your face for part of the beta because I am validating assumptions. Future releases of the beta will not have them. Currently, modal dialogs will appear if a sequence is not running and non-blocking, expiring dialogs will appear if it is. They are not dangerous to the sequence (and they are going away once we fell comfortable with the warnings).