2.5.x beta users: Heads Up -- new guider settling time checkbox


I just got bit by an issue using the beta. It was my own fault for not reading Ken’s release notes carefully enough but I figured I’d mention it in case it helps prevent any one else from stumbling on it.

There is new a checkbox in the guider settings:

You must check this, otherwise SGP will ignore the number of seconds you have entered to the right. It defaults to un-checked even if you have a non-zero value specified for dither settle time.

You need to remember to check the checkbox in each of your sequences and in each of your equipment profiles.


SGP started subframe before PHD2 had settled

I saw Ken’s latest release notes and I had to check that checkbox in every single past SGP files in case I re-use the same SGP file in the future. I also updated my equipment profile as well.