auto-centering bugfix


by any chance was this a bug where the RA/DEC could have been set to 0,0 ? i just saw that on but didn’t realize .3 was available before i started up tonight.




Can you create a new sequence or open an existing SGP Sequence with I can no longer create a new sequence or open an existing sequence which is the most important part of SGP. I had to revert back to



i am about to try, i decided i better install .3 since if ra/dec = 0 happens later on tonight it could be bad… installing .3 now.



i was not able to open the sequence from inside of SGP. nothing happens when i choose it from the “recently used” area of the File menu. however if i quit SGP and double-click my sequence from the file explorer, SGP opens it. SGP seems to have started up fine after it finally opened.



Thanks for the tips. That worked for me. I guess I could do that and if I want to image a different DSO, I could select “Save As” to save a new sequence but it’s still broken,


#6 definitely fixes the 0.0 issues but there is an issue with opening an existing or creating a new sequences. My workaround is to ensure my imaging camera is connected then I can load an existing or create a new sequence.

Hope that helps for now…


ok thanks, i just was not sure if the 0,0 issue was the problem with, or if i needed to upload logs.



Apologies for not making this clear but yes 0,0 did seem to be an issue with which is now fixed in


thanks, yes i understood - your message was clear, i meant that my reason for posting the thread was that i was not sure if this was fixed in


I cannot open a new profile or import a saved profile in I have been able to in all previous releases of SGPro.


Found that as well, can double click on the .sgf file and it starts SGP with the profile loaded but nothing happens if load from recent of file open sequence from a running SGP.