- telescope sync option


@Ken, for info, and in common with other releases, after updating SGP, all my ongoing sequences and equipment profiles default back to ‘sync’ telescope sync behavior method, rather than what I had previously, ‘target offset’.

Once I change them back, they stick, that is, until the next update. Please can you take a look at why they are not being persistent?


That’s rather strange. I’ll see if I can figure out how to duplicate this
some how.


Jared Wellman
– Co-Founder and Developer


Jared - this may help. I saved one of my recent sequences which I completed before the update. I just loaded it into SGP, made the correction back to target offset and saved it as a corrected version. I have uploaded both sequences to the dropbox folder:


Well good news and bad news.

Good news: We think we know what is causing this and have a fix for it.

Bad news: It will take 2 versions for this to be fixed. So the next release of SGP will have the potential fix but you’ll still have to manually move your sequences over. The version after that (assuming that our guess is correct) the values should be successfully set using sequences from the previous version. This is an issue with how we were saving the values to the sequence file.



I’ve updated to and am still noticing the issue with sync behavior not sticking between updates. Perhaps this a Paramount-only issue, or maybe it’s just that only Paramount users tend to use target offset as the default.



I have an MEII and my setting of “Target Offset” has remained just fine for me through the last three updates, including @Buzz, how is this working for you?


yes- no problems here either, last night with 151 was fine - and that is also with latest TSX daily build too