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Hello Ken & Jared,

I have just installed the new beta, v., and immediately noticed that it wasn’t communicating properly with PHD2 when I connected all equipment. I discovered that the PHD2 port number needed to be set to 4400 in the equipment panel and all works perfectly now. Just wondering why the default PHD2 port number is set to 1025 and not 4400?

I look forward to giving this beta a good workout.

One thing that has been on my mind is the camera cooler behaviour in conjunction with the restart on safe functionality. Currently it will warm up the CCD on Unsafe shutdown and then cool down again on safe restart, with appropriate delays to wait for those warm and cool cycles to complete. I would prefer the functionality to be that the cooler is left on when there is an unsafe event shutdown, so that there is no warm / cool cycle delay before restart on safe. The CCD warm up should only happen when the sequence completes - either when all events are completed or the sequence end time occurs. The sequence should react to the sequence end time when waiting to restart on safe too. I hope that all makes sense and is easily possible to add / change.



Hm, it should be set to 4400. I’ll check that out.

I considered this. But with the unsafe restart your sequence can run for many days in a row. So I decided it would be better/safer to turn off the cooler and cool down again when conditions improve. Yes you may lose some time due to cool down but the alternative is leaving your cooler on for multiple days in a row. When we’re waiting for conditions to improve the sequence is in a “partially halted” state. Essentially it’s a delayed start but the start trigger is conditions rather than time.

Thank you,

I’m actually seeing it default to 4400. Just grabbed the beta and verified. I’ll have to look into this a bit more. But 1025 is the min port number that we allow to be set…so that value getting populated is somewhat concerning. Were you using the beta previously? Or did you use a profile/sequence from a non-beta version?


Found and fixed it…it was an issue with porting over non-beta sequences/profiles.

I’ll update the beta with a minor release this evening.


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Addressed in the beta (available for download)


Good stuff, the quick fix will save others any angst! Apologies for my silence - cinema trip with my son! I was using beta v. prior to installing

With regards to the CCD cool / warm - I hear what you are saying and that seems like the sensible approach. I can always not warm up on Unsafe and do it manually at the end of the session, or probably even via some scripting magic!

Out of interest, what happens to the sequence if it is in a ‘wait for safe to restart’ state and the final Sequence End Time of all active Targets is reached? Will it end the sequence?



I found a minor issue with the latest SGPro Beta version. After installing the latest SGPro version, it automatically show my very last Sequence information. Then I modified the Sequence and clicked on the “Save As” disk icon at top left and it gave me an error message:

But if I start SGPro and manually open the same sequence as it first displayed and modify the Sequence and click on “Save As” disk icon at top left, it was fine.

It’s the first time I start SGPro and shows the previous Sequence on the screen and if I don’t manually open the same Sequence, then clicking on “Save As” disk icon at top left will continue to give me errors.

Reverting back to is fine.


I have found exactly the same behavior.

Also noticed…If SGP starts by opening a saved sequence, the equipment profile shows up on top of the screen as expected. NOW…if I save this sequence again - not having changed anything (File: Save Sequence)…and then open it again…the equipment profile is lost again. There would not normally be any reason to follow the above steps - just found it trying to understand why I lost the profile header sometimes. It may all be related?

There does appear to be some weirdness when opening and then manipulating a sequence saved from a prior version. When I first opened v3.1.0.211 (and it opened up my current sequence (saved from v3.1.0.170), but it didn’t display properly - the Target List was not formatted correctly, with the gear icon hiding behind the scroll bar on the right. I cursed, then clicked New Sequence. It opened a fresh sequence. I then opened my original sequence from within SGP and all displayed perfectly. I was able to save the sequence with no issues and all seems to work as it should. I didn’t report the issue, but it does seem to be a sequence migration quirk.


I saw the same “hidden gear icons” in saved sequences glitch as did PhotoGav.

Hi Jared,

I’d like to give a feedback to the actual beta. I’m not sure but I had twice the problem that SGP got confused with my two ZWO cameras. One acts as guiding (ASI224MC) camera and the other (ASI 1600 MM PRO) as main camera. On startup everything works fine but after a few minutes (frame and focus) all of the sudden the main cam stopps, cooling also stopps and SGP tries to connect to the guide cam. Strange?! I have all devices on a powered USB hub.
After this happend twice I stepped back to the stable revision. But now all profiles and sequence files are gone.

By Gunter

@ggtux, I’ll need logs to see what is going on there. May also be worth grabbing the latest beta as some changes were made towards the ZWO things.

Also looking into the exception on save issue mentioned earlier.


Hi Jared,

a.s.a. I’m back from vacation I will post the log.

Thanks so far from Germany