Beta (and 387) Crash in Frame and Focus

When I run Frame and Focus in continuous mode fo ra ZWO ASI 1600MM pro camera with 2x2 binning running exposures 3 seconds or less, SGP will unexpectedly crash with no errors or warnings (it vanishes). I notice that the CPU usage is about 38% when in this mode. Simultaneously, I have PD2 running (2 sec exposure time), Celestron’s CPWI ASCOM driver and application, StellariumScope and Stellarium. Total CPU time is < 80% (Stellarium uses about 15% CPU).

The other thing that happens is that when I have SGP F&F exposures at 1 or 2 seconds, CPWI will occasionally time out and disconnect from the mount (connected through hand controller via a USB hub port) All cameras, focuser, etc. also connect via the USB 2/3 hub.

If I connect the ASI 1600 camera to SharpCap Pro 3.2 instead of SGP, everything runs without any problems. SharpCap with exposure times of 1/2 or 1 second only take about 8 to 8.5% CPU time, and CPWI never times out.

So, Frame and Focus with short exposures is eating a significant amount of CPU resources and the busy traffic is causing some kind of fatal error. Note that I am not running a sequence or doing anything in SGP other than F&F. I am not saving images or doing an HFR. I have a locked stretch in the image. All gear is connected and the only things active are the mount/CPWI, the ASI1600 and ASI174 guide cam (in PHD2 - not guiding).

Mark W

Lenovo Thinkpad 11e with latest Windows 10
Celestron CPWI V2.2.3 (latest production)
Latest ZWO ASCOM and direct drivers
Pegasus Astro FocusCube2 with latest ASCOM driver

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I doubt this is coming from SGPro. Every single camera uses the same Frame and Focus code and there aren’t really any other reports of this. This points to an issue specific to ASIs. So…

  • Are you using the ASI ASCOM drivers? If not, you should be.
  • Have you made sure that both the native ASI and ASCOM ASI drivers are up to date?
  • Hubs and cameras can be problematic. Please at least see if the issue occurs when connected directly to the computer.

Unfortunately, comparisons between SGPro and other software are not meaningful. SGPro does a lot of things to and with a connected camera. It is rough on drivers because it tests them in a complex multi-threaded environment… That said, SGPro does not do anything “illegal” or outside of standards and norms (for ASCOM)


Thanks for the prompt reply.

I was using the native driver as it allows me to set the gain AND the offset. The ASCOM driver does not allow for the offset. I am trying a test with the ASCOM driver.

I updated all ZWO drivers yesterday.

In the field, I have no option but connect to the hub and also use the ZWO ASI1600 hub.

I do know that SGP does much more processing and other tasks. I was trying to determine if it was hardware, software or I/O and CPU loading.


Understood… was just indicating that you should attempt this as a means of understanding where the problem lies… wasn’t implying that you should move to this configuration.

I tested the ZWO ASI ASCOM driver. Same thing happened with 1 sec exposures in F&F: SGP vanished.