Site Profile Not Applied to Sequences Upon Update

Hello! A small glitch. When I upgraded to version, the site profile was not attached to my established sequences and the sequence could not read the altitude lock. When I opened tools in the sequence, nothing showed up for object times of transit, etc. When I tried to run the sequence, I received the following error, " Could not adjust end time. Exception: Could not find time for altitude of 32.0. . . . Disable altitude lock or . . ." I reapplied the site profile to the sequence from the File drop down menu and all appeared fine when I rechecked the sequence. I’ll try running it tonight to make sure. Best regards. Mike

Yes, thx. User profiles in 3.1 are so fundamentally different from 3.0 that I’m unsure if the effort it would take keep continuity in older sequences is worth the effort of just having to pick the profile again from the dropdown. We’ll see how much trouble this causes in the next week or so…

Thank you! Mike