3 famous targets made at 35 kms from Paris


Hi everybody

I used recently a Canon EF200 f/2,8 to image some classical targets with an ATIK ONE and AZEQ6 or even EQ 3-2 (for Orion Nebulae).

Usually 5-6 hours in LRGB (M 45) or Ha-RGB (Orion nebulae, IC 410/405)

Here are the images :




See you soon,



Nice images Oliver, I have just purchased one of these lenses and have it attached to my canon EOS 1000d slr. Forget telescopes - if you would like a nice wide field imager these lenses are really good. Another advantage of them is you focus once and they’re largely temperature independent. I focused once in a night - wow. With my C11 I need to focus once every half an hour. Even good quality refractors have focus shifts due to temperature.

I wonder if the scope manufacturers will start talking with the lens manufacturers…

I appreciate I have opened up a huge can of worms now and won’t be able to return to this post.

Anyway, the lenses are fab as astro imagers. Mine cost £500 new.


Don’t worry, I won’t prevent you to return to this topic :slight_smile:

I agree with your arguments - temperature independance, simplicity of use.
Beside that, scope and lenses are essentially different, since lenses have to be good also at focus distances much smaller than infinity. It is a different world : both of them have their advantages and at the end I like using the 2.


yes you’re right - both are good fun and that’s the main thing. I use my
c11 at F8 now as a galaxy imager, so the 200mm lens complements it well.
Very lightweight on the mount too, which is always an advantage.