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I’ve written a ASCOM driver for the newly released Raspberry Camera v3, a 12.3Mpx CMOS color sensor with 1.55 uM pixels (see https://www.kiwi-electronics.nl/landing-release/raspberry-pi-hq-camera, data sheet: https://www.gophotonics.com/products/cmos-image-sensors/sony-corporation/21-209-imx477).

One of things I noticed that I couldn’t get SQP working with a 3 layered color ImageArray (type 1 COLOR sensor); even worst SGP crashes when it is offered such an image (which is defined as valid by the ASCOM standard, stating: For color or multispectral cameras, will produce an array of [NumX] * [NumY] * NumPlanes. If the application cannot handle multispectral images, it should use just the first plane.

When I offer a sensor type 2 (debayered) picture SGP works ok but this means the developed driver need to de-color the sensor data, bayer it and by performing this proces introduce lots of unwanted artifacts.

Is it indeed true that SGP can’t deal with sensor type 1 (color) sensors using a 3 dimensional arrays (x * y * 3 planes)?

Correct, I’ve never met an astro camera that wanted to send 3X the data across the line while also doing the work to break the CFA data into 3 channels. Most cameras don’t care about the Bayer matrix. They read the raw bytes, apply gain and offset and then send the 2D array across without ever knowing that they’re a color camera.

If you look in your log you’ll probably see this:
SGPro does not support multi-plane image data. Please adjust settings in order to produce single plane image data.


Ok, good to know. Then I don’t need to search any further for issues in the developed driver… Thanks for replying!


I also notice SGP is calling the ASCOM function ImageArray twice causing download times to be twice as long as necessary. Why is SGP doing this because it seems if I only return the image the second time the ImageArray function is called it works just fine?

I notice this behavior when I use Frame and Focus and when a frame was captured during a sequence…

I’m guessing it’s because of how we’re requesting the type from the image

Logger.debugln($"ASCOM Camera: Data type -> {cam.ImageArray.GetType()}");
imageData = (uint[,]) cam.ImageArray;

You can give this version a shot where I’ve altered that behavior. I believe most ASCOM drivers tend to cache the image array locally so it’s not a download speed issue…but we would incur the COM marshalling…either way this is better.

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Hi Jared,

Thanks, it is fixed now. Will this be in future versions of SGP?

PS my driver reads the image via a http request from a Raspberry Pi and was therefor not using the file cache. This made the download periode app. 1,5x as long as necessary…

Yes, it will be in our next release.

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