341: Manually running Focus Control stops SGP working

Manually running Focus Control stops SGP from working: Windows closes the program. The other buttons within focus control work normally.

Apparently, checking the logs, it has something to do with a missing file relating to my Gemini SnapCap. Until recently (beta ~283), I did not have this problem. When running a sequence I hit the same problem. I attach both log files.
sg_logfile_20191105223539.txt (22.2 KB) sg_logfile_20191105223917.txt (165.3 KB)

Can you clarify here? Does this mean manually running auto focus? Based on the logs it looks like that is true except…

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

How did you determine this? I see a reference to a missing assembly, but no mention of SnapCap

Yes, I ran Auto focus from the Focus Control panel after Connecting my equipment. My start-up procedure is usually manually positioning the focuser (with the Fine and Coarse buttons) close to focus and then use the Auto Focus ‘Run’ button for determining focus before I start the sequence.

With the other buttons I meant all the Fine and Coarse buttons and the Settings button within that same panel. It is only the "Run’ button that caused SGP stop working.

And your last question: Apparently, my understanding of the log-file is low. I am sorry for the confusion!


It’s not a problem, just trying to understand the issue. It’s not immediately clear what is happening… will need to think about this for a minute.

Thanks, Ken!

I’ve been a very happy SGP user over the last 3 years and with a remote telescope over the last 2 years


The beta moved to a new .NET framework that is not supported by your operating system. Are you using an Eagle? We’ll figure this out…

Yes! Eagle2…

Hmm… I’ll talk to Fillipo and see what he says. That version of Windows does not and will not support the most recent .NET frameworks.

We will try our best to work this out… The OS you are using is more than 4 years old and the LTSB identifier means that you are WAY less likely to get updates to Windows. I have asked PrimaLuce if they provide updates for your Eagle2 in order to obtain a version of Windows that supports the latest .Net frameworks (which are years old btw)

Yes, it’s Windows 10 Enterprise 10 2015 LTSB. I do get regular updates though, but apparently not the most modern developments…

Thanks anyway for your efforts!

Reading further on this Windows version, I get worried: For the time being upgrading to a more recent Windows 10 version is not possible, or at least very difficult. And, without an SA it will not be supported more than 5 years (from 2015)…

I will also get in touch with Filippo of PrimaLuceLab.

Did I understand it correctly that beta 339 is still compatible with the Eagle?


Currently, 330 is the last version compatible with the LTSB 2015 OS.

Has anyone heard anything from PrimaLuce/Fillipo yet?

Nothing yet, I’ll ping him again

I have sent him an email… No reply so far

Just received a reply from Filippo:

  • Filippo will be at the AIC later this week and will discuss this with the SGP developers
  • He sent a request to his Windows distributor whether there is an ‘easy’ upgrade path to the latest Windows 10 Enterprise version. I asked him to inform me about their reply
  • An alternative is to change the Windows 10 Enterprise OS to Windows 10 Pro. Apparently, this can be done without causing problems with H/W and S/W of the Eagle


Any news from PrimaLuce?
I have the same problem with the EAGLE2 and just send an email to the Primaluce support before I found that discussion here.

Ok, I received a very quick reply from Filippo saying:

“…the only solution is to buy a new Windows 10 licence.”

According to him there are custumers who already updated to Windows 10 Pro without any problems.


Yes Dominik, that was his message to me as well… Since my Eagle2 is in my remote observatory, I’ll wait with downgrading to Windows Pro…
I have not yet been in contact with Eagle2 owners that have done the OS change.


I’m also interested in hearing about potential solutions for this as I have an Eagle 2. Is is just a matter of doing a fresh install with windows Pro and downloading the Eagle software (and hoping the whole wi-fi implementation works) ?