46p wirtanen comet

In between unbroken dull grey cloud (normal for this time of year), I had an hour to capture the comet. There is no tail that I can detect. 15 minutes on each channel before clouds stopped play. Tak85 with flattener. Guided on stars and then used PI to process comet and stars separately. I remembered to cycle the exposures this time in SGP, making the star deletion successful in the comet aligned image.


Nice image! May I ask what ‘cycle the image’ means, and how do you do that?


i think he means cycle thru the filters RGBRGBRGB so that there’s more time between each filter’s sub. that makes it easier to reject the stars when integrating the images belonging to a given filter.

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Thank you. Since I have an OSC, I would guess that translates to waiting a few minutes between captures.

Clear Skies

or what you can do is just go ahead and capture continuously, then when it comes time to stack, stack in multiple groups - stack frame 0, frame 3, frame 6, frame 9 together, frame 1, 4, 7, 10 together, 2,5,8,11 together, etc. then stack the stacks. that way you don’t waste any sky time. if the stars are still too close together, you can lengthen the stride, assuming you have enough frames to make a good stack with each group.


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That’s a clever idea - I’ll remember that one if I use the EOS next time. I’m hoping for another chance to get it but the weather is just awful right now.