Ability to add to image FITS header via API


I’m using an IR temp sensor module, with a 10 degree FOV, mounted my OTA to measure sky temperature as an indication of clouds.


I’d like to be able to log the current ambient and sky temperature in the image FITS header, for later consideration in image grading.

Thanks for your consideration.


If you get/make an ASCOM ObservingConditions driver for the cloud monitor, you can connect it to SGP and automatically get the data in the FITS headers.


Wow, sounds like a project.

Add this API into a C# ASCOM observing conditions driver:


I guess I can take a shot at that. Was hoping for something lighter weight in a scripting language.

Hmm, to bad AcuRite doesn’t have an API, as I have one of those weather stations as well as the phidget IR Temp sensor for cloud detection: