Abort Notification (wake me up!)


I’m kind of unfamiliar on how the App works for SGPRO. Will it generate an alarm output and condition that can give me an audible on my phone and wake me up if the sequence aborts?

The way I image is with Team Viewer on a separate laptop sitting on the dresser next to my bed at night. I have not been able to figure out how to get that laptop to provide an audio output from alarm conditions going on out in the yard.

So if the App could do it and set my phone off that would be great


There is a notification sytem however it uses email somehow.

I have never used it hopefully someone will be more helpful.


Yeah I doubt an email would wake me up! ha ha

Last night I set my phone to wake me up for the meridian flip and I just barely made it. Good thing I did because it did not flip right.

I cannot seem to figure out how to tell SGPRO to just stop imaging and flip it. It seems to want to wait until the exposure is over. Last night it had just started a 20 minute exposure with only 2 minutes left until the scheduled flip. If I had not awoken and killed the exposure it would have made contact with my tripod and well… You Know what that would have done…!


I would recommend using the GNS (Good Night System) integration with SGPro. The app on your smartphone has a klaxon alarm.


Would it be possible to add to the next version of SGP a post request with to a site of our choosing? I use pushover.net, which has an open API. Pushbullet and other systems also have open APIs which I think could be used with a notification service.

In my case, it’d be great to have a post request sent to my pushover account, sending a notification to my phone and watch. With pushover, you have an option of selecting the importance level. For an abort notification, I’d send it as an emergency that would require me to acknowledge the notification - very useful for when asleep!



A programmable message for a text would be cool.

Here;s a couple of ideas… lol

Just a message saying “Hey Bonehead Wake Up, Your sequence Aborted” would be great for me.

Or how about “Your Ascom Driver for your Lodestar has once again dropped out”