About sgp control panel and sequence parameters


Please excuse mei’m a bit confused about the control panel and the setup profile manager :
I did use a lot sgp this past days with success , but i feel thas i have to set up the control panel exactly the same manner than the setup profile manager if i want it all to work ok.
I first was thinking that the equipement profile pmanager was leading the sequence, but found that if the control panel have not the same parameters (and they are a lot : focus, filters, guider etc…) the sequence will goes wrong.
So : if the setup profile doesn not fully applies, what is its purpose ?
In other words how to work correctly with both of thees tools ?
Or maybe would it be possible to copy the state of the current loaded profile to the control panel ?

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Equipment profiles are templates that you use when creating a new sequence. “New sequence with profile” fills-in the sequence’s control panel settings with the settings from the profile. Once the sequence has been created, changes to the profile do not affect the sequence and vice-versa.

You can copy the control panel settings from the sequence back to the profile with File => Save Sequence as Profile. This can also be used to create a new profile from the sequence’s control panel settings.

You copy a profile’s settings to a sequence with File => Apply Profile to Sequence. (new in 2.4.2.x betas)

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The Equipment Profile Manager acts as a template for creating sequences,
including propagating the control panel when a new sequence is created. So
for example:

  1. Go to the Equipment Profile Manager and create a new equipment
    profile. Input all the settings you need for the combination of equipment
    that you are using.
  2. When creating a new sequence, go to File/New Sequence with Profile and
    choose the equipment profile you want to use.
  3. Once the new sequence is created all your settings in the control panel
    should be the same as what you put in the equipment profile.


all right , this make sense now : maybe a stamp or an indicator on what the control panel is should be useful.
that wouldprevent the case were the sequence profile has not the same parameters than the control panel itself
which is likely to occurs when you just create a sequence, and apply the profile after.

Thanks guys, that’s is helping.


I, too, am finding the same-info-in-two-places issue to be confusing. The answers in this thread are incomplete.

I understand that the profile is used to set up a new sequence. What, then, is the Control Panel used for? And, if the Profile and the Control Panel disagree on some setting, which one actually gets used?


The profile is ONLY used to populate the sequence. Think of the profile as a template of settings that you can use over and over to create sequences.

The sequence is what is ran during a capture session. If you need to change something while you’re imaging or with respect to the target you’re capturing that must be changed in the sequence in the control panel. The control panel only affects the sequence and NOT the profile.

If you want to update the profile with your changes from the control panel you can do that by saving the sequence as a profile.

There is also a video on our support page that covers this as well. And documentation in our help that also goes over the differences.

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A profile acts as a template. You set up a profile the way you want it including settings and control panel items. Then you create a sequence based on a profile. This means that your sequence settings/control panel settings are already filled in for you by the template so you don’t have to repeat all those settings for every new sequence you create.

Once you have created a sequence based on a profile, the profile is meaningless as it pertains to that new sequence. The sequence control panel is where you make changes for that sequence only.