Add support for BlueAstro StickStation


I would love to see support for the BlueAstro Stickstation either by reading the sqlite DB directly or via the boltwood file format.

I understand Per has been in touch but I thought an official request would be best so there was a record.




Sure… I would like to add support for this. It looks like a quality piece of hardware and I would love to move away from Temper equipment. I would also like to contact them to see if we can obtain a unit for integration purposes. Unfortunately they do not seem to have any contact info I can find (maybe I’m blind?). Does anyone have any info (maybe owners of this have contact info)? Please PM me if you do…

Adding this to 2.5.X


Closing this out… this will happen through ASCOM 6.2 observing conditions


Yep that makes sense. I guess you guys will announce a 2.5.x release schedule at some point. Hopefully removing all that TempHum device support code will clean things up as well :smile: