Adding more frames to an exsisting mosaic



If I have completed a (example) 3 pane mosaic is it possible to add more frames to it to make it a 6 pane mosaic.

I can’t see anything on here to suggest it can.



Yep you can. I’ve never done so but you can use an existing fits image taken from sgpro and add to it - see here:


Thanks but I cant see there, where I would add another 3 panes to an existing mosaic.



Follow that link but look under “Helpers/Wizards” and then “Framing and Mosaic Wizard”.


Ahhhh, thanks



Really we don’t support this. You can add mosaic frames to another single frame, but we have not added any functionality to support adding of mosaic panels to another mosaic.


Oh, Ok thanks Ken, Would this be an option to add ? I don’t know if anyone else will think that it could be handy.



Can we add this to a feature request? I was about to suggest this.