Adding Subs to a Sequence


At the moment, I am using a manual focuser. So I set up my sequences to take a series of frames for an hour. For example, in my last image I set the sequence to take 3x20 minute Ha subs. The sequence then stops and I can re-check focus.

I then use the arrow keys to add another 3 subs, but when I try to start the sequence again, it tells me the sequence has finished, and asks if I would like to start the sequence from the beginning again. I eventually worked out that the way to achieve what I wanted was: to dial in the extra 3 frames; save the sequence; then reopen the sequence.

It is far from being a big deal (it’s not even a first-world problem), but I wonder why it was done this way and why I cannot just add to the count? Or perhaps I am doing it incorrectly. Is there a better way of achieving what I am after?

Incidentally, I wanted to say again how much I am enjoying using this software. I am now using the Frame and Focus feature for every ‘job’, and I wondered how I ever managed without it. The ability to go from planning things in ‘Frame and Focus’ to plate solving to the target with accuracy of (usually) 2-3 pixels still boggles the mind somewhat. What would really be the icing on the cake is the addition of full multi-camera support. I can happily run two instances of SGP, but taking care of dithering, meridian flips and so forth would be absolutely sensational.



Yes there is a better way Steve - take your 3 subs and do your autofocus then add another set of subs and select “reset sequence (preserve progress)” after a warning box you will then be able to restart the imaging.


I thought there might be. I suffer with a medical condition - I have a Y chromosome, and this impairs my ability to read the … manual. :blush:

Thanks for the tip.


Lol - I am the same but stumbled across it