Adding to a mosaic


Hi! I’ve started a 2-panel mosaic. I wish I’d done 2x2. Is there a way to edit/add panels?


I don’t know of any sort of “Edit this mosaic” feature in SGP or the F&MW.

There is, however, a “manual” way to accomplish this. Started typing it all out, post got pretty indecipherable, so I’m cutting together a video right now. Will have it up some time today. :slight_smile:


Hope this helps, Wayne. :slight_smile:


Thanks! That was great - never gotten a video response before.

Wayne Hixson, Stargazer


Glad it helped! :slight_smile:


So I think that was about 90% spot on! There’s one step you can actually take to makes things a little more accurate and straight forward. Rather than supplying the RA/Dec, use one of your images as the reference:


Then when you fetch the canvas SGP will put a blue border around that image and you can use that to align your new mosaic to it. All the other steps that @gboulton mentioned are the same. Just a little tweak to the RA/Dec portion:



Oh cool! Never knew about the blue border for a frame fetched by an image.

Thanks, Jared!