Additional buttons in event settings

I’d love to be able to pause guiding during flat events, for when taking mid sequence flats with a flat box and using an OAG. While it isn’t a problem to have guiding continue it is a little annoying to have star lost chime sounds issuing for the duration of the flats event. Similarly it’d be nice to be able to request a plate solve prior to the next light (after the flat) given the scope may have moved slightly with the addition of the flat box. Currently I rely on a largish search region box in PHD so the the guide star can be regained. Having buttons available in the event settings would seem to me to be a simple solution (like the pause or park buttons) or perhaps could be made an optional condition in a menu somewhere? No big deal as there are work arounds but wonder how working with an OAG and flat box might be made more streamlined somehow?