AF Failed to Initiate During Session


Autofocus did its initial thing at the beginning of the night’s run. Beyond that, no other AF routines followed (only one AFPack was created).
My interpretation (my guess) is that SGPro could not retrieve the focuser temperature after its initial run. That can be seen in lack of temp info in all but the first file name. And possibly that caused the subsequent AF non-events.
I suspect the temp dropout was due to the focuser cable making marginal connection. I can fix that.
I am surprised that AF did not function when given the “after so many exposures” command and the “after filter change” command.
In the FWIW column, I did change the “after so many exposure” command from 5 to 15 after the initial (and only) AF was performed.
Appreciate any comments and suggestions. And great software, keep up the good work.

All my particulars should be in my profile. Here’s the dropbox folder with files.


A follow-up run yielded correct auto-focusing. This time the focuser provided ambient temperature and this was recorded on all of the subs.
It looks like the AF routine executed as instructed, both after each 15 exposures and after each filter change.