After months working fine, plate solve stopped working


Dear all, after many months runing plate solving with no issues at all, the past two nights it stopped working. I am kind of computer illiterate, and what I see different is that in the Plate Solve 2.9 screen, Search Center, the numbers keep changing faster and faster and then PS crashes. I have been using ANSVR (Local Astronomy NET) with no problems until the past couple of nights.

Thanks in advance, Fernando

PS: Version have been working fine in my older computer…


A correction : That is the version with which I am having problems in one of my computers: Sequence Generator Pro


Well, yesterday I fetched an image from the internet. The “Center here” command worked fine with the image, although the computer was not connected to the mount. Does this make any sense?

Regards, Fernando


Has anything changed in your imaging train? PS2 apparently has trouble with wide fields if the “precision solve” option is ticked.



Thanks Tim. No, nothing change: same scope, camera, mount, guiding camera and guide scope. And same computer.

Regards, Fernando