Again request help with repeating bug in plate solve

When a plate solve is requested, an error message appears telling me the file is unreadable. The PS display appears and stays stationary. Later in the session (several mins later) a solve is completed - by which time I have abandoned the target. This happens every time but nothing has changed. This is a significant problem that stops me using SGP.

I am hoping that the link is valid - it was automated and I did not see what was going on.

Lawrence Harris

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

There’s a PS2 solve starting 21:47:20, this is aborted by the user at 21:48:50 and a remote solve started.
This succeeds at 21:50:25 giving a position and plte scale that’s close to what was set.
No indication why PS2 didn’t, the hints look OK.

Similar sets of events starting 22:04:26 and 22:41:27. SGP was closed before the last one completed.

Whatever is going on seems to be happening in ps2, it will be worth looking at the image you are sending it. The only possible issue i can see is that the FITS data in the image has a scale of 0. If ps2 is using that rather than the value supplied in the command line it might explain why it isn’t solving.

Hello Chris

I believe that it is deeper than this. When the message tells me right
at the start that the file is unreadable - I am left with a screen that
implies nothing is happening. That is why, after leaving it for many
seconds, I eventually click ‘abort’. That is why it stops - because it
is effectively saying to me ‘I can’t read this file so I am going to
wait for your input’.

That is why is described the PS window as ‘fixed’ - nothing is happening
in it - regardless of whether it is working or not. This is clearly a
new bug - but it is repeatable.

Regarding the image scale, that remains constant and all the FITS data
should be present - as has always been the case before. I will check
the entries again but I do not expect to find a problem with my entries.
The files are fine and load in any software …


Lawrence H

To add further info:
I have examined the FITS headers - they are perfect. I have loaded one into SGP - it loads correctly. I did a plate solve - error message ‘unable to read the image fileunspecified error’. This is despite the file loading normally in SGP. Much later on the PS result is announced, but before then I have moved on. If this was during an actual run the process would fail at the beginning.


I have found a parameter that was not carried over from the profile. The longitude entry of -1 was missing in PS. I have re-inserted this (it is present in all other profiles where appropriate). Solving now appears to be correct.

If the problem continues I will report further after a realtime session tonight.