Alert: ASCOM broken by windows update!


Thanks for pointing this out Chris. I’m curious, will running this tool
affect anything for those drivers/equipment that were NOT affected by the
Windows update? Is there any reason NOT to run this tool?


Joel…I only had an issue with ATIK hardware and only made a change for ATIK. If other equipment runs OK - there should be no need to touch DCOM config file for it. (I am saying that without anything but my own experience in the past weeks to back it up…I am no expert).


Kinch, I have delayed the windows update so I have not yet received the
problematic update. I don’t know yet what, if any, equipment will be
affected if I am forced to received the update. So I just figured if there
is no harm in using the ASCOM tool I’d use it and forget about it and
hopefully all will be well.

Do you have an Atik EFW2 and was it affected?


Yes - My EFW2 and Atik camera were affected - but I made the simple change to the DCOM Config file and all was well again.


I’ll probably have to run the ASCOM tool then because I have an EFW2 also.


All I know is what is in the link I posted. Bob Denny’s posts are linked and give a good explanation.


I seemed to have a similar issue to Buggs (9th Jan post) I can’t connect the mount via POTH. The dome connects OK.

I can connect the mount via the EQASCOM. I can also still connect the mount via SGPro along with the dome. Slaving the dome via SGPro results in the dome opening and scope becoming out of sync in some positions. It has been running fine with both connected and slaving using POTH.

I have reinstalled ASCOM and it made no difference.

I am not using Windows 10, my laptop is running windows 8.1. I see no mention of the offending patch number KD4056892 although there were 2 critical patched downloaded on 19 Jan.

Any views?


@alcol - I cannot find the reference but I recall reading that both Win 8 and 10 were affected. It might have been on the SB forum where there was another substantial thread. The trouble with this kind of issue is that it takes a while for the speculation to be sifted from the fact. I’ll try and find it. (I rolled back to Win 7, where I can control the updates)


Thanks Buzz

I thought I would be clever and Restore my laptop to before the update, but
alas my laptop won’t complete the Restore!! and I am not particularly IT
literate enough to sort it. I think I will stick with going back to SGPro
and suffering the occasional breakdown when slaving the dome and mount. I
did see a post that suggested that the issue of dome slaving has been
addressed in the new SGPro version 3 when it comes out?



Having just posted. I noticed the ASCOM alert states that Windows 8.1 is also affected. So there you go. I think I will sit tight until Windows corrects their download rather than get myself in a muddle by following the repair posted by ASCOM.

Or is it easy to do???


Alcol, You haven’t said which mount you are using but if it is a Celestron then you have two options to fix things so that your mount will connect to POTH and return you to where you were before this windows update caused the problem. Either, follow Bob Denny’s instructions (you can get the link from CCDMan’s post 28 above) which is easy to follow and works fine, or you can follow the link posted by Chris (ASCOM Developer) also posted 58 above. Good luck.


Yes, it happens - I don’t know what I did but at one point Win 10 refused to work with any mouse, at which point I gave up and got the W7 DVDs out. With all the programs loaded onto a SSD, it did not take long to load…it was just the 3 hours of Win 7 updates… just as well it was cloudy.


Hi folks

I have taken the plunge and followed Bob Denny’s manual changes to my laptop running Windows 8. Unfortunately it made no difference I was still unable to connect to the mount via POTH. Not sure what to do next? Maybe I will uninstall the offending update.


Forgot to add, that the Simulator now connects, it didn’t before.


Can someone confirm that the ASCOM work around solves the issue for a laptop running windows 8.1?


I had the problem with KB4056891, but MS has released a patch which is working fine as of tonight. Last I looked, there was still no patch for 6892.


Kevin, do you know what the patch number is?


Hi Joel, It’s KB4057144.
Unfortunately, 6892, which seems to have caused the problem for most people, doesn’t seem to have a patch yet.


Great news for my Laptop running Windows 8.1
Latest download from Microsoft KB3038936 seems to have corrected the issues. Tested the set up and POTH enabled connection to the scope and the dome and the dome slaved the scope. Thanks to all those involved to get the issue sorted


yep - my intel compute stick has a wired connection (via usb3) and setting the connection to “metered” did not work. disabling the update service did work. however, whatever the latest update is apparently bypassed that, because every time i boot up i get this huge banner saying updates can not be applied because i don’t have 8GB free. which is fine with me :slight_smile: