Alert: ASCOM broken by windows update!


Sorry Trevor - which version? We have to be specific here or we lose ourselves.


Sorry Chris, should have said I was referring to SkyX Daily Build 11360 as released today.

Windows 10 is Ver 1709 / OS Build 16299.125

The current SkyX build is 10857 which is working ok, guess may have to risk fully updating windows.


Correction to my earlier post, I double checked everything and somehow installed the wrong SkyX daily build.

Using the following software version and all now seems to be working here

The SkyX version 10.5.0 (Build 11360)
Windows 10 Version 1709 Build 16299.192 fully patched
PHD2 Version 2.6.4 dev7

I still have the COM changes in place as per Bob Denny’s work around, not sure if that makes a difference.

The only WIndows update that reinstalled was KB4056892


Thanks Trevor - I had further clarification from Dan Bisque - for SGP/PHD2/TSX to play nicely, one has to apply the DCOM updater and also the latest TSX.
I’m hoping to check DirectGuide and my ASCOM devices tonight.


@trevorn - I get a different result, same OS build and application versions but I get an exception error every time I try to guide with DirectGuide but OK with PulseGuide in Win 10.
I only ran the ASCOM DCOM correction file, not any manual workarounds. Do you have a record of what you changed?

  • I went into DCOMCNFG and found that the utility had not touched TheSkyX items. I manually changing their property to ‘call’. Still no luck - are you sure you are using DirectGuide and not PulseGuide in the TSX adaptor properties?


Hi Chris, I just did the work around from Bob on the SB files, his post contains the changes required for SB programs.

I did for x64 or x32

I.e For Software Bisque TheSky X look for TheSkyX and TheSkyXAdaptor and change both to Call


I’m struggling on this one - my Win7 NUC continues to bring in the images but I cannot get an Intel Stick (Win10) to do DirectGuide from PHD2 without running an exe file as an admin each time. I feel a re-install coming on for the weekend. It is being reported that the latest Windows update (build 214) fixes the DCOM issue. It doesn’t for me… :frowning:


Microsoft has recently released an update that is supposed to fix some of the problems. I had uninstalled the bad update and turned off updates altogether. To test the new updates, I did a restore from a backup image to before the offending update. I then allowed all updates to go forward. I installed the latest daily build of the TheSkyX (11360) and can confirm that everything appears to be working now. I do not have the DCOM workaround in place. This is only with the latest updates of software (no workarounds) and PHD2 is happily guiding my Paramount MX+ right now.

It works!


Chris - same here. My restore was too old, so I completely re-installed Win10x64 Pro (build 214) and all my applications on my Stick computer and without any patches or workarounds. I haven’t been able to try it on the MX, but the Sky Telescope simulator is responding to my DirectGuide test script and PHD2. I’m going to keep my normal obsy computer at Windows 7 for the time being and wait for a while before putting it back to Win 10.

[update] - I have now had a chance to try out the Stick PC with the MX. Without any workarounds, the up-to-date OS and TSX are working once more with SGP/PHD2 and DirectGuide.


It sounds like your service was built against ‘Any CPU’, causing you errors on 64-bit where you are using COM components. You need to build it for x86