Alternatives to Sequence Recovery for Lost Guide Star when Other Stars Are Available in teh Frame?

Hello! I’ve read several of the posts on how SGPro handles a lost guide star. I use PHD2, so I am not sure if my suggestion is best here or in that forum.
My sequence tonight had to recover after the guide star went behind a telephone wire (big wire close to the scope- very obvious thick line diagonally across the guider image at that location!). If I am interpreting the events correctly (and I freely admit I may be mistaken), PHD2 tried to re-aquire the original guide star and then went into Recovery Mode when that star could not be re-acquired rather than trying to auto-select a second guide star.
Perhaps the SGPro could have PHD2 try to immediately autoselect a different guide star in the frame (if present) before trying to recapture the original guide star and then going into recovery mode if that fails?
I know this may likely present a trade off between how much time the autoguider looks for the original guide star before trying to identify another guide star (or go into Recovery Mode) vs. possible drift of the scope out of set image location tolerance. Still, I’m not picky about the guide star. I would prefer the system immediately try to auto-select a different guide star if the original is lost rather than try to recover the original guide star and then going into recovery mode if it cannot be found (even though there might be other suitable guide stars in the image frame). Thank you and best regards.

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