Always showing lite version

My License keeps showing expired after upgrade

After upgrade to 3.1? From what version?

I forgot my friend tried to do it for me. I used to be able to put my email and password in to get the lite version to go away but,now I cant 3.03.169

it say my license is expired 0 days left. my purchase date was 9/25/19

We tried a fresh install and re registered the machine…when license refresh…It shows expired

What is the name of the machine you’re attempting to register?

Thank you,

Nevermind. Looks like your machine was used under 2 accounts. I see yours and another for someone named Dan.

It is inactive in Dan’s account thus the issue. I’ll remove it from his account.


Its already registered the Program consistently loads the lite version

Should be good now.


Awesome TY!!! Awesome Support!!!