Another go at M101 - Pinwheel galaxy


Took almost a month to get this data.
LRGB not my favorite for processing…I much prefer NB images. A colleague recently completed an image on this with 48 hours of data…I have no hope of even having the patience (never mind the weather) to do similar…so this will have to do. I am satisfied for now with this…if everything still works next year…I’ll add to it then. :smirk:

Full Image & Info:


Very nice Kinch. I’ve tried this one several times, but it always seems to
just frustrate me. You have a soft touch and the galaxy looks great.


Agree with Joel.
This has always been a tough one for me.
Well done, Kinch.



Excellent image. And yes a nice touch with the processing.


Thanks guys…I remember doing this one in 2014 and I struggled so much with it…and still ended up with a bad result :frowning:
Looking at the other image I mentioned (really excellent detail from 48 hours of subs) - it is obvious to me that this target needs lots of time!