Another M81-M82 - a mosaic


SGP’s Framing and Mosaic Wizard is so awesome. It makes shooting mosaics so simple and easy, and framing images is a breeze.

Here’s another image of M81-M82, a two panel mosaic.



Excellent capture! I see traces of the IFN and very vivid colors!

Thanks for sharing!




Thanks Jose. I was rather surprised to see any of the IFN there. That’s a challenge from my location. This was my first mosaic in a very long time and it was quite difficult to match the backgrounds of the two panels for a smooth image.


Great image! Well done. I have done a couple of 2 pane targets using the SGP mosaic and they merged perfectly and quite easily using PixInsight. The images were not very good, but the mosaic feature worked wonders.
How dark is it at your site? I’m hoping to get something comparable when I get my new observatory up and running.


Thanks jmacon. I’m never sure how to measure my skies. According to the clearskyclock I’m in a yellow zone.



What tool are you using for processing? I use Pixinsight and the mosaic tool is very powerful and easy to use.




I’m also using PixInsight, but I just started using it back in December and getting used to it. IP4AP’s PixInsight tutorials on mosaic creation were extremely helpful.


Nice job Joel! That’s fantastic!