Another NGC 2327 - NB & RGB Mix


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There is a high res image available at the web page OR here on Flickr

NGC 2327 NB+RGB. A full resolution image - enjoy. by Brendan Kinch, on Flickr



Very nice Kinch. Nice and smooth, yet sharp at the same time.


Splendid rendition!


@joelshort, @silios,
Thanks guys.


Lovely image, I like the way the stars look natural. Are you processing the nebulosity starless and then adding them back in?


Thanks Buzz. I recall we spoke of this before but no, I never take the stars out when processing.


Darn it. I had better start saving and find that sleeping bag…


Great image Brendan :slight_smile:


It took some time for me to justify (to myself) buying this scope…but I have never regretted doing so. It is the 1st scope that I have ever bought new…so it was a huge step.


Thanks Sara. I am not 100% with the colour - but I did this on my low end laptop rather than the desktop computer (I am still away from Spain). I probably could improve on it but regardless, like Buzz, I love how the stars turned out here and for now, I will leave it stand.


Still away from scope & camera…what to do only play with a previous image.

I have tried to improve this one some…adjusting the mix slightly…and tried to make it a bit less flat.

Apologies…I changed the image -again. (When I got back to home computer).
This is final…!

Final .4NB+.6RGB by Brendan Kinch, on Flickr