Ansvr does not work today


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When ansvr is installed it creates an icon in the Startup folder of your Start menu. That should be enough to ensure that it is always ready to go and you should not need to do anything before running SGP and plate solving.

First you should check your Start menu Startup folder and confirm that ansvr is still there. If not, it means you probably accidentally removed it and you should reinstall ansvr.

Assuming it is still there, you should check to see if ansvr is actually running. The easiest way to do that is to open Ansvr Settings (in Start => Local Solver). If a web page opens up in your web browser, with “ansvr config” then we know ansvr is running.

If “ansvr config” does not show up (your web browser shows an error screen), then you should either a) log out and log back in so that ansvr starts, or b) manually start it by clicking Start => Local Solver => Start ansvr. After that, try ansvr settings to confirm that ansvr really did start.

Please give these things a try and let us know if you run into any problem and we can take it from there.



Hello Andy,
unfortunately i delete the Folder…the shortcuts where in the start menu but nothing else…
i returnd it back…if i start ansvr i can get to the …settings…
so i must start ansvr before SGpro by myself right!?
what means downsampling to 2…is it the same as binning?

will try it another night…

thx sofar…



I strongly recommend you reinstall ansvr to ensure everything is present and consistent. After the install, ansvr will be running and it will start automatically each time you log in. You should not have to start it manually.



Hello Andy,
Ok new install…but "log in "means in SG? I hope not real internet…


He means log in to your computer. Ansvr will automatically start when you log into your computer.


Yes, just as Chris said, it will be running automatically when you log-in to your computer.

You can confirm that it is running by clicking Start => Local Solver => Ansvr Settings which will open the ansvr config page in your Web browser. If you see the ansvr config page, your are all set. If instead you see an error message, then please let us know and we will help you fix it.



Hi andy&chris, yesterday it worked…set downsampling to 0 and failure% 25…but will decrease it…but et the start of phd 2.4.1 it say it nedds min. 2.4.1e…thought its the newest had to stop session…because work;( but found the version on phd2 site…(in beta versoons or so…) also great phd give hints on increase ra max…so now i have to wait for cs.(hope in trial period)…thx for fast replay for an noob…



No problem. It’s what we’re here for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.