Anyone having issues with SGP/PHD2/TSX (July build)?


I’m just off for a few days but last night I had a string of ASCOM exceptions from the telescope .com object. I had issues with PHD losing the star too and wonder if the guider interface to TSX was in difficulty too. SB have just released a new version of TSX and of course it is a potential source.

I’ll dig into the driver, PHD and SGP logs when I return and share… but for now, just wondered if I am alone?


I tried to use the latest daily build version of TSX and SGP. SGP could slew the telescope but it would not center more precisely. It stayed in one spot about 200 pixels off. Back on the regular release version and it works OK but I have to use the POTH between PHD2 and the SB TSX ASCOM driver or PHD can’t slew the scope for drift alignment because SB’s ASCOM driver doesn’t report location to other software. I can manually enter it into POTH. I have a Paramount MX+.



Thanks. I’m will get my logs together tomorrow and get them off to SB. This is a Beta version after all and our feedback is useful.