API for cusom FlatField boxes / dust covers



I want to request a public API to add custom/selfmade Flatboxes (like Alnitak). For Example I want to use an Arduino to Emulate the Alnitak Interface for open the dust cover and turning on/off the light. Would be better to implement a common Interface.

Best regards!

SGP control for Spike-a flat panel

I created a boiler plate version of this a while back. It expects the Alnitak protocol and works well with SGP.



Hi Frank,

This was discussed in this thread where we talked about using ASCOM to control light boxes. Since SGP does not yet support controlling a flat box as an ASCOM switch, Alnitak emulation is the way to go for now. If you implement your light box so that it follows the Alnitak command set (simple and well documented) you’ll be good to go.



Oh thanks for this hint! Then I will use the SCPI commands. :smile:

Do you have also the open/close commands, then i don’t need to intercept communication by myself!

I want to split the communication and redirect open close commands to the dustcover and flatfield brightness directly by arduino



Ok it’s not really SCPI!


Indeed, it’s well documented!


Unfortunately the implementation is looking for a COM Port. So to split things you’ll either need to create a virtual com port and forward the commands where needed or you’ll need to create a hardware device that does that for you which could be difficult.



I, thouged to redirect the command though the arduino (second usb/com port platine) to the remote cover.

e.g. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9947


Another possibility is to write a proxy with null modem emulation which redirect the commands to the correct com ports of arduino and dustcover. e.g http://com0com.sourceforge.net/


I used com0com and a proxy for my Alnitak emulator for Spike-a flat panels. Here’s the source code if you are interested: https://github.com/agalasso/alnitak_emu