API - PlateSolver status does not change state


Apologies if I’m using or interpreting the new platesolver API call incorrectly but on and whilst I’m plate solving and making calls to query the status (http://localhost:59590/devicestatus/platesolver?format=json) then state is always idle and success is true ({“State”:“IDLE”,“Success”:true}) regardless of it’s real state in SGPro.

Is there meant to be a message string like with the other devicestatus items or does this item only return the current state ? I wondered if a message of the last plate solver operation containing the time taken and if the solve was successful would be a useful addition ?

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Status is not currently implemented for the plate solver in general. All you need is the status of your solve.

“Success”: true,
“Message”: “Plate solve started successfully.”,
“Receipt”: “77c18884d19b420082aa06086c314452”

“Success”: true,
“Message”: “Matched 375 Stars.”,
“Ra”: 2.55761992864987,
“Dec”: 61.2853912806819,
“Scale”: 2.84854338088455,
“Angle”: 198.034429959565,
“TimeToSolve”: 1.784338

Note that step 3 is meant to be a “polling” step. The response you get may indicate the solve is still running (in which case you need to call it some more… like every second or so)…


Thank you Ken…I thought you might say that ! :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to platesolve myself but just get the status of the various states of the SGPro components such as when the platesolver is in use. I have a simple web status page for my imaging session which is now mostly complete.