Apparent hang because of hidden focuser setup dialog


Using a sequence with a couple of targets.
Go to the Control Panel and select Focus tab.
Click on Settings.
It appears to hang, however, the issue is that the “Setup MicroTouch Focuser” dialog is being displayed behind SGP.
Don’t know if this is an issue with SGP or the focuser driver.

Using ASCOM MicroTouch Control v1.0


I get this with some ASCOM dialog boxes with my setup and some appear in front of SGP and some don’t, my guess is that it’s something to do with the ASCOM box rather than SGP…I will let more experienced people confirm one way or the other.

** Chris ** (if you see this) Any Idea why some ASCOM boxes don’t get focus when others do ???

A few examples from me:

QHY8L Settings - Always in front of SGP

Moonlite Focuser Settings - Always Behind SGP

Observing Conditions Hub - Always Behind SGP

Camera V2 Simulated Camera - Always in front of SGP



It’s remarkably difficult to get a setup dialog box to appear on top of the others, this is something that changed a few Windows versions ago. The Windows afficionados say this is how it should be.

I’ve tried all sorts of things, be best I’ve found is code like this in the Load event:
this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;
this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal;

That’s up to the driver author of course.




So maybe some know about these functions and implement them, and maybe some don’t know about them, or, forget to implement them maybe baby !!!

I know the first time I clicked the setting button for my newly installed Moonlite focuser, as I didn’t notice the little icon on the task bar I thought I had a problem and spent nearly an hour buggering about with the hardware convinced I was going to send it all back as faulty. When I got back to the screen (x1 cup of Tea later) I spotted the dark blue Icon, clicked it, and felt really stupid :grinning:

Windows aficionados really do get on my pip, stop telling me what I want and ask ME what I want :rage:

Chris, there must be a Microsoft secret line none of us know about as their annoying boxes ALWAYS appear on top…Teeee Heeee

Don’t you just love windows ?



Right. SGPro cannot (without serious hackery) control the behavior of device specific settings windows. If it’s one of SGPro’s windows, that’s a different story.


It is an ASCOM developer issue. My the new Optic Gemini. Does than same thing.

Sometimes the best thing is switch to the task manger to bring up the dialog.


This is always a problem… The dialog form for settings is opened from another dialog form (connect). I will look into this more for my own drivers and possibly find a solution. If you use the ASCOM platform’s templates you get this not so wanted behavior…



Same happens with Microtouch ASCOM settings with other applications too. You have to alt-tab or navigate to get to it to clear it before you can get back to the app.