Archive of sequence targets


I’ve got a load of targets in my sequencer and it does slow the opening and operating of targets within the sequencer. Some of the targets I have are big mosaics that I am slowly working through, but not necessarily from night to night. I was thinking that some form of archive for these targets would be really useful.

The archive would meant that you wouldn’t have to redo a target in the F&M wizard the following year for example… you could just open the archive and the framing would already be there. It would also be useful if you could archive the actual sequence of that target as you would know just where you’d got to and be able to easily pick it up again.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else would find this useful…


Hi Sara
What Steve and I have started doing for our remote rig is to create each target in a separate sequence file. From 2.6 onwards you are able to import targets from sequences into the open current sequence. Thus we have a library of sequences and a current ‘working’ sequence, which we then import in/delete out as targets rise and complete.

Whilst this methodology doesn’t answer your question directly, I think it brings the same flexibility and long-term versatility.

Just another idea for you to think about :smiley::smiley:



I have a folder on my Obs computer desktop named “To Be Continued”. That folder, is easy to subdivide with other folders for each month (or quarter as I do). I just save unfinished sequences to it. Come March, for example, it is easy to open up and continue a sequence that I was working on last March (but never finished acquiring data to make a good image)…works for me…but in truth I only rarely use it :slight_smile:

Just thinking of it…no harm to save all sequences there, so that even if you finished an image with say 30 hours of data last year - it would be easy to return and add more data this year.


I’ve always kept individual subs in an ‘archive’ folder so that I could go back to it when needed - But I’ve never bothered with keeping the sequence… I’ll give that some thought.


I am using 2.6 and I can’t seem to import targets from one sequence to another… am I missing something?


I guess the sequences have to be created with 2.6 and not an earlier version to be imported?

File/Import Targets/SGPro Sequence . . .

Try creating a target within a new sequence, save it and then open a new sequence and see if you can import the sequence just created.



I’ve created a new sequence, but if I right click the target I don’t have any import options…only copy options and that’s only between the one sequence, not across different ones. Mmm… this isn’t good.


The import option is under File/Import Targets/SGPro Sequence . . .


I don’t have the SGPro Sequence under my file > import targets…I have ‘astro planner’, ‘deep sky planner’, ‘starry nights’ and ‘DSO browser list’


Are you using the last version? As it is definitely there - I have both the SGP3 and at home and this option is in the File menu.



I wasn’t… I was on… but I am now on the later version and it is there. Thanks Barry. Now to work out how to best sort the sequences out. Its seems a little cumbersome compared to an archive button if such a thing was available :slight_smile:


No worries :rofl:


FFS - Just lost all my targets despite saving as a NEW sequence - It changed the existing one as well… :confounded::confounded:

The F&M image is still there - How can I attach that to a sequence? I don’t seem able to do that



It may be easier to create a new sequence for each of your existing targets. Open the F&M wizard and browse to an existing Light, select the Light, the F&M wizard then presents a drawn frame around the FOV within the larger canvas.

You then frame your image ‘overlaying’ the exisiting framing to match.



When you import a sequence into another one (so say for example NGC0000 is being imported into a squence called ‘Working sequence’) should it also import the F&M wizard plate solve image? I’ve got the targets in there, but I have no reference as to what they are apart from the name


I can’t recall whether the F&M canvas/image imports or whether it is just the target co-ords and name to be honest - it’s not recently been my turn to run the rig (we alternate) and I begin again on Monday after a 3 week absence.

I think it might only be the target name and co-ords . . .

I’ll check at home and get back to you.


Just logged into Spain and confirmed it is only the Target Name and Co-ords that are imported, not the F&M image.

As you know the framing is set from the originating sequence (in which you used the F&M wizard to create ‘target 1’) the framing in the working sequence after importing target1 will be the same.

BTW - the Import function will import all targets from a sequence, ie if you have created a 4 panel mosaic, each of the targets will be imported into the working sequence.

You don’t have the comfort of being able to refer to the framing image within the working sequence I admit, but the co-ords for the centre of each target is the key piece of information.

You also need to check slewing/centring options etc once imported.



Sadly the events don’t import across … is that right?


No events do not come across.

I use the date and time token in my file naming pattern so it gives another field to sort/order files.

Do you keep a spreadsheet of accumulated subs for these long-term projects, or is that getting just ‘too’ organised, ha :wink:?


I do keep records!! They are very organised! But it’s quite time consuming putting in and checking all the events data for a 9 pane mosaic.