Argo Navis - ServoCat Compatibility with SGP


This may be question for the developers or ASCOM support but also for any Argo Navis - ServoCAT users.

I’m potentially looking into using an Argo Navis - ServoCAT control system & wondered if anyone else actually uses this?

Wildcat Innovations inform me that the recommended wring topology is PC <-> ServoCAT <-> Argo Navis. And that there is an ASCOM driver available for the ServoCAT.

However, the Argo Navis feature two serial ports & can operate via the Meade LX200 protocol.

So my first question is: Does SGP support the ServoCAT protocol?

My second question is has anyone managed to use the PC <-> Argo Navis <-> ServoCAT wiring topology?

Wildcat Innovations also inform me that:

“Though both the Argo Navis and ServoCAT continue to operate normally if you do a manual meridian flip, the two don’t have their own inherent
provision for setting limits and the flip being automated. So when crossing the meridian, you would have to intervene manually.”

So my final question is:
My understanding of the automated Meridian flip is that if the mount\driver canSetSideOfPier() = true, then SGP can itiate a GOTO before the meridian is reached. If not then so long as the driver can report the sideOfPier() then ASGP can issue a GOTO at a point after the meridian in order to effect a flip.

If the above statement is true the so long as the ServoCAT driver can at least report sideOfPier() AND can accept a GOTO instruction then surely SGP would effectively be performing the intervention referred to in the above statement from Wildcat Innovations? Provided of course AGP can work with the Argo Navis - ServoCAT setup anyway.

Many thanks

No, but we don’t natively support any telescope…we rely on ASCOM for this.

I’m not entirely certain I understand this question (or even the aforementioned statement from Argo Navis). SGP does not have meridian limits at the moment. We will issue the flip when and where it is setup in the flip settings. You are correct about how and when SideOfPier is used vs a slew.


Thank you Jared,

I figured as much. I’ve had additional correspondence from StellarCAT and I’m told the ASCOM driver has very limited ability & is only really intended to be used for use with a planetarium application. For example the driver would not return SideOfPier. So between your your self & StellarCAT I have the answers to my questions.

Many thanks & regards

To do a flip we would minimally need to have SideOfPier returned…we don’t necessarily have to set it…but we do need to know what side it is on and we will not attempt to infer it.


Understood Jared. Thank you for the confirmation.

Many Thanks & regards