Artesky Flat Box support

Would it be possible to add support for this flat panel?
Compared to other flat panels it’s affordable, has great quality and has a really good range of brightness adjustment.
I have a panel that i can allow access to for testing when adding support.
2 other softwares already have full support.

Yes, it’s “on the list”. I have one here for testing and they recently sent me the SDK for the device. Likely will have support in a couple of weeks.

Thank you,

Perfect! I can’t wait to finally be able to automate flats…especially with a telescope with a rotator it will be very important to be able to take flats automatically.

I got a request for another change when it comes to flats, the flats calibration wizard can only adjust the time for the exposures, it would be great if it could also adjust the brightness of the flat panel to keep a consistent length of the flats

Do you have any news about Artesky flat panel support?

Not at the moment. Hopefully soon.


I see this has been added, thank you :+1: