Ascom Chooser


I am at a loss. Gemini2, Starlight Xpress 694, RoboFocus will not connect. Ascom chooser has or has not right choices. PHD2 does put a graph on SGP.

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Hmmm, not sure what’s going on but have you tried a simple computer restart? Can you connect to these devices through another program? As a last ditch effort you could re-install ascom and the individual ascom drivers.



Did you install the driver?  Can you start it manually and control it?  I can do both with my Rigel.  If I start it manually, SGP just connects to it.  


A little head way. I put an Ascom driver for the 694. It showed up as Main sx camera. SGP takes a shot then crashes.

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Do they have another capture program that came with the camera?  Maybe see if you can get it working through ASCOM only and then come into SGP.


Moving along. 694 works with SGP Neb3, FocusMax/CCDSoft. SGP telescope connects and microsoft anna barks out mount track etc.from Gemini2. I have RobFocus that needs a path/drivers? Need to learn how to connect with PinPoint.