Anyone successfully using SGP Pro with dome automation…including shutter control?? I am having problems with the automatic open and close with parking and unparking of scope. I dont see any ASCOM traffic indicating to the dome to open or close.

One more thing, It is a working system in that it functions normally with ACP and others.



I’m successfully using it with my dome, but it’s not a foster system control. I believe @mads0100 is using the Foster System control this with his roll off roof.

Can you send a screen shot of what your slaving screen looks like? Also are you clicking the “Slave” checkbox on the SGP Dome Control Panel?



Here is screen shot.,… We can talk or you could log in…???



Unfortunately the “Slave to telescope” in the Profile Manager does nothing and should actually be removed (by us that is).

You will need to check the “Slave to telescope” in the Control Panel (Ctrl+E) to enable slaving. We’re going to be reworking this in the future.

Let me know if that doesn’t get things going and we can go from there.

Also I assume the “Roll off Roof” driver is the correct one to use for a dome? Not questioning your setup, just making sure that assumption is correct.



I will try,and yes the “Roll off roof driver” is a bug in the name but it is correct. I will get back to you.



For what it is worth, it works fine for me with a Maxdome II system and my roll-off.


Success, once the slave box in the setup menu is checked too…it works… Clearing up this minor bug should not be a big deal.




Not so much a bug as an odd and perhaps a bit confusing
interface issue. I also had that issue when I first started using SGP.


Sorry, I’m roofing my house and missed this. Yes, you need ‘slaved to telescope’ checked in order to move the roof/shutter. Otherwise it won’t open/close. It also has to be checked before you start the sequence.