ASCOM driver for an old TRUE TECH filter wheel


I am new here and I am starting to test the SGP with my set-up. I have a EQ6 mount, belt drive, an ATIK 314L+ camera with a TRUE TECH filter wheel. This last one is not the SUPA SLIM type, so when I tried to install the ASCOM driver found on your web site, the SGP did not recognized my filter wheel.
I am stuck here for the moment and I cannot do any further tests until I do not resolve this issue.
I need some help, please. Everyone working with this program said is a very good one - I cannot confirm that and is a shame…

Thank you in advance for some help!



Sorry Cristian,

We actually have no affiliation with TRU-TECH… we just wrote that driver because it was a popular filter wheel (and apparently we had time to do so). At this point you will need to request a driver from the manufacturer or from the community.


TrueTech do not produce filter wheels anymore. I have serious doubts that Nik (TrueTech owner) will do something to resolve this. I am disappointed. I had great expectations from SGP. I don’t know any community having such a driver.
You are my last hope.


Sorry to hear that… unfortunately we do not have the bandwidth to to write and support ASCOM drivers.


So, because my last hope was gone, I decided to go on and not quit.
So I asked a friend (very good on Windows COM) to help me to find a way resolve this. After several minutes, he found this, which was the answer to my question:

This driver work like a dream and I have a fully functional SGP on my observatory computer. I made some tests. everything seems ok, now I am waiting for a good weather to start doing some complex aquisitions.

Even you cannot helped me, hope this will help others like me to solve similar problems.

Best regards,


Cristian, that’s great! I’m glad it’s working!

Can’t wait to see your pictures.