ASCOM driver problem



I’m not a programmer but I decided to make my own arduino focuser (ASCOM capable).
I was fallowing Tom How tutorial and I was successful. I’m testing my focuser using Jscript. Also I’m using an app to test my focuser, myFocuserProASCOMApp (
Everything works fine. I can focus manually via ASCOM platform
Also, I’m sending and receiving RAW data via hercules.
I’m tracking all COM port tracking via Device monitoring studio.

As I said, everything works fine.

But I have problems in SG pro. I added my focuser. I’m using ASCOM Simulator for camera.
I open focus control and problem. I don’t receive or send any data from device?! Any communication on the COM port is no existing (I’m looking in Device monitoring studio).

If I choose ASCOM focuser simulator everything looks ok.

I have latest ASCOM platform.

Any Advice?



If you post the SGP log we can take a look and see if anything stands out. Do you have logging in your device that points to anything?




I’ve recorded a video witch describes a problem, you can see it here,

The log is here,



I run the ASCOM conformance checker; No errors, warnings or issues found: your driver passes ASCOM validation!!

The result,

ConformanceCheck ASCOM Device Conformance Checker Version, Build time: 19/09/2018 13:33:12
ConformanceCheck Running on: ASCOM Platform 6.4 SP1
ConformanceCheck Driver ProgID: ASCOM.Fokuser.Focuser
Error handling 
Error number for "Not Implemented" is: 80040400
Error number for "Invalid Value 1" is: 80040404
Error number for "Value Not Set 1" is: 80040402
Error number for "Value Not Set 2" is: 80040403
Error messages will not be interpreted to infer state.
12:07:48.777 Driver Access Checks              OK       
12:07:49.435 AccessChecks                      OK       Successfully created driver using late binding
12:07:49.470 AccessChecks                      OK       Successfully connected using late binding
12:07:49.474 AccessChecks                      INFO     The driver is a .NET object
12:07:49.477 AccessChecks                      INFO     The AssemblyQualifiedName is: ASCOM.Fokuser.Focuser, ASCOM.Fokuser.Focuser, Version=, Culture=neutr
12:07:49.481 AccessChecks                      INFO     The driver implements interface: ASCOM.DeviceInterface.IFocuserV3
12:07:50.171 AccessChecks                      INFO     Device does not expose IFocuser interface
12:07:50.234 AccessChecks                      INFO     Device does not expose IFocuserV2 interface
12:07:50.302 AccessChecks                      INFO     Device exposes IFocuserV3 interface
12:07:50.374 AccessChecks                      OK       Successfully created driver using driver access toolkit
12:07:50.383 AccessChecks                      OK       Successfully connected using driver access toolkit
12:07:50.388 AccessChecks                      OK       Successfully disconnected using driver access toolkit
Conform is using ASCOM.DriverAccess.Focuser to get a Focuser object
12:07:50.464 ConformanceCheck                  OK       Driver instance created successfully
12:07:50.530 ConformanceCheck                  OK       Connected OK
Common Driver Methods 
12:07:50.600 InterfaceVersion                  OK       3
12:07:50.634 Connected                         OK       True
12:07:50.665 Description                       OK       Fokuser by Hrast
12:07:50.695 DriverInfo                        OK       Verzija drivera: 6.4
12:07:50.725 DriverVersion                     OK       6.4
12:07:50.755 Name                              OK       Fokuser by Hrast
12:07:50.786 CommandString                     INFO     Conform cannot test the CommandString method
12:07:50.793 CommandBlind                      INFO     Conform cannot test the CommandBlind method
12:07:50.801 CommandBool                       INFO     Conform cannot test the CommandBool method
12:07:50.810 Action                            INFO     Conform cannot test the Action method
12:07:50.819 SupportedActions                  OK       Driver returned an empty action list
12:07:50.951 Absolute                          OK       True
12:07:50.961 IsMoving                          OK       False
12:07:50.970 MaxStep                           OK       2000
12:07:50.982 MaxIncrement                      OK       2000
12:07:51.035 Position                          OK       15
12:07:51.070 StepSize                          OK       Optional member threw a PropertyNotImplementedException exception.
12:07:51.088 TempCompAvailable                 OK       False
12:07:51.102 TempComp Read                     OK       False
12:07:51.112 TempComp Write                    OK       Temperature compensation is not available and a PropertyNotImplementedException exception was generated as expected
12:07:51.121 Temperature                       OK       1
12:07:51.169 Halt                              OK       Optional member threw a MethodNotImplementedException exception.
12:07:51.225 Move - TempComp False                      Moving to position: 215
12:07:52.921 Move - TempComp False                      Synchronous move found
12:07:52.979 Move - TempComp False             OK       Absolute move OK
12:07:53.010 Move - TempComp False             INFO     Returning to original position: 15
Conformance test complete 
No errors, warnings or issues found: your driver passes ASCOM validation!! 
Driver Hash Value: EE6D81D6E55782A75797514E2977F25A27121ADCE41C075BBB9EBB602535CA1F60324BA5F09612BADCBB442D4B94460F6D4AE95DFBDD13A209B435730C887ADC
Report Hash Value: 24CF7F61AB0CED12F53001C1A3D758339F602F8E19E5C81AEFA1374D3381C165AF36D883CC1328B02E52240355AEEC80301315471C8AAE7425C13565F98B89F1



The solution for Sequence generator pro was to reinstall ASCOM platform.
TO open a new project in VisualStudio and copy/paste old code (except driverID). Now everything works.

When I was testing I’ve also installed APT program. When I was connecting and disconnecting the focuser I saw “Short driver name - please customise” in status bar. This gave me a clue as I’ve changed that line of code some time ago. For some reason, some programs (like SG pro) were looking for some old build of driver. Other programs like myFocuserProASCOMApp are looking at the new version of driver. I don’t know why.

Thanks to everyone!