Ascom driver, why it is so long?

Hi SGP team,
I use an Altair183M camera that delivers files of about 20 MB.
Since SGP does not offer the possibility to use the native Altair driver, I use the Ascom driver provided by Altair.
And then I noticed excessively long loading times of about 10s.
In comparison, the same Ascom driver used with NINA takes only 7s to load an image.
And still with NINA, the native Altair driver takes only 3s.
With a camera as sensitive as the 183, exposure times are relatively short (around 1 minute). The time lost due to downloading becomes significant compared to the actual exposure time

Two questions:

  • Would it be possible to improve loading times?
  • Can we expect SGP to take into account native drivers?

Thank you.

You can probably improve download times by disabling image history. Also the “downloading” status bar isn’t exactly accurate and accounts for other things.

It is unlikely that we will move to native support if a viable ASCOM driver exists.

Thank you,