ASCOM Filter Wheel not retaining settings in SGP (But fine elsewhere)


After the latest update, I am having problems connecting my QHY CFW v1 FW via SGP. The FW is not responsive, and none of the settings (Filter names etc.) are retained. The dropdown box for selecting filters is blank.

I have confirmed that the ASCOM driver works well in other imaging software (Nebulosity 4), so I suspect its some kind of bug within SGP?

Is there a config file I can clean out to see if that restore functionality? If I connect first via another program, then sometimes SGP will pick it back up and work for the remainder of my SGP session.



You likely need to create a profile/sequence and save those settings with the sequence. We don’t automatically populate filter values from ASCOM (although if you setup a new profile or in the filter settings dialog we will prompt you to import).



Sorry, I may not have been clear. I have done as you suggested - but it is not staying between sessions. I have to switch to no filter wheel, attempt to connect, then switch back to the QHY FW ASCOM driver.