ASI1600MM-C w/ SGP Beta v2.6.0.1


I’ve installed the ASI v1.0.2.23 ASCOM driver w/SGP v2.6.0.1 and tried to gather new Bias frames. No luck. The camera cools to -15, the camera is directly connected to a USB 3.0 port on the laptop on W10.

Trying to get 100 frames results in the first 28 being downloaded and then #29 hangs consistently where SGP doesn’t increment the frame counter and run endlessly downloading #29 over and over again filling up your disk.


It appears to be an SGP issue. The counter consistently stops at intervals of 28. If you abort the sequence at 28, increment it manually by 2, and then resume you end up in the same place when you hit frame 56…where you have to repeat the manual increment process again by 2 to get to 100.

So…for now I’ve just added 4 events of 25 each as a work-around until this is fixed.


I had a similar experience two nights ago with a Atik 383L+. I set up a sequence to capture my flat frames (20 of each filter),50 bias frames 1x1 and 2x2 and dark frames. It was cloudy so I let the sequence run overnight. When I checked on it in the morning, it was still on the 50 bias frames event, claiming it was on frame 29. It kept taking the bias and increment the post-fix on the file. I ended up with just over 3000 bias frames that night taking up about 50 gigabytes! I have a 29 megabyte log file to go along with it.

It seems we have both experienced the same issue.



This also happens with Flats. I confirmed this today. Not sure why the change and stoppage at 28…rather odd.


Corrected in SGPro Beta. Also, as a note, this issue had / has nothing to do with camera type.


Understood. I’d made two changes:

SGP Beta v2.6.0.1 to see the new icons from the prior beta.
Updated my ZWO to v1.0.2.23 to allow me to set my favorite gain/offset presets.

Bad, I know, I know. Only one change at a time! :blush: